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Why Valentus? Why Join Valentus And Why Join It Now? V-News Edition #2

Published January 7, 2020 in Current News - 1 Comment
V-News edition 2 Featured

The following message from the holiday time of  2018/2019 by a top Valentus leader is as relevent today as it was that day. That is why I'm publishing it now. Not only has this message not been diluted in any way since then, but it's even more applicable today. I share it often.

Why Valentus?

So let's just get right to it shall we .... here's a wonderful message from someone who has been in the company since just about the day they started ....

From Rick Jerrells Valentus Blue Diamond


Why Valentus Logo

In April of 2015 we launched our original coffee

In April of 2015 we launched our original coffee that was mostly a Thermogenic coffee. Many said it gave them the jitters. Thanks to a greedy manufacturing guy who brought it to Valentus--he ran off and started his own company without us, taking it from us. Leaving us high and dry. His company failed in 6 months. Bankrupt. As he was also Bankrupt.

Valentus was doing $900,000 a month by December that year 2015. April 2015 to December 2015 in 9 months.

This time, we own the exclusives on the new SlimRoast Optimum. We have the manufacturer on board. We are going to have a 15-20 year run with Optimum and the other products.

This time we launched the newest coffee in May 19. As of last month we had doubled the company's volume and went from 1 million to 2 million from May 2018 (END OF MAY!) to November 2018 in just 6 months plus. So we are doing MORE VOLUME per month in LESS TIME with OPTIMUM. A clear indication we have a major results producing, life-changing, personal impacting product to share!

We Can Handle The Growth

Clearly our company can handle the growth. This time around we have IN HOUSE shipping. WE did not have that the first time around. THIS time we also have in house Customer service as we did not have that either the first time around. We didn't have our nicer Website either.

And this time we have a Weight management coffee that works in the body, and on it, some 5 different ways. Last time we had a coffee that only worked on the body one way really, two at best.

If you had joined us in April of 2015 no doubt you would have lost customers over the year and half time frame we spent hunting for the next BIG SIZZLE. This time around WE OWN IT and we are not letting it go.

If you are familiar with Monavie, or Organo Gold, or Noni, or Alliance USA, then you know that a SIZZLE ONE PRODUCT company can go to 100 million a month and to a billion plus a year fairly quickly!

TIMING is everything.

WE ARE SITTING in the Concentration phase about 1-2 years from MASSIVE MOMENTUM. The perfect timing.

We are like a start up company when it comes to our numbers but we are really a DEBT FREE, own our 12,000 square foot FACILITIES, 4 year old company, READY to grow to 100 million a month! This kind or type of situation and timing comes along maybe 2-3 times in a 30 year period for most network marketers.

I can see hundreds of NEW millionaires being made here with Valentus over the next 2 to 5 years. HUNDREDS! If not thousands! Because the product works so well and because the ingredients have already been around for decades we have a SAFE and EXCITING product to grow our business.

Then, once into the company we have our new members get onto the other products for personal use and results. Always remember to 1. USE ALL THE PRODUCTS and then 2. TALK TO PEOPLE.

You see, I was here in June of 2014. I worked with Dave Jordan, CEO during our slow growing months the first 10 months were tough without the SIZZLE COFFEE. Then we exploded in 2015 and around October of 2016 we had to launch a separate coffee to replace the one that left us. That didn't work out too well.

But look at where we are today!

 TIMING IS PERFECT TO JOIN VALENTUS and so many have come back to run with us because 1. They believe in the product 2. They believe in the compensation plan and 3. And they believe in the CEO and also the distributor base leadership.

THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUN RUN PEOPLE and millions will be paid out in commissions to the field over the next 15 Plus years.

I hope you will join us because this type of scenario and TIMING only comes along a few times in a three decade period. Especially coming along so as to be able to take advantage of the timing and the RESULTS or sizzle of a strong product.

Merry CHRISTMAS everyone!
And let's rock this headed into the NEW YEAR!
GO GET YOUR LEADERS over the next 2-3 weeks and let's explode our business into January 2019!
If you do not order and you flush volume you will regret it coming around January and the 1st quarter of the new year.
There clearly are not any other companies in the industry that match our compensation plan or products.

I am so looking forward to 2019 and building with all of you and with Valentus Corporate.

Rick Jerrells
Blue Diamond

Why Valentus growth

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is Why Valentus

The following video ... like these newsletters, are pulled from the archives (until we get caught up). You can see it's an old video so don't pay too much attention to the intro. I don't mind posting it though. In fact I think it's good sometime to go back and reflect ... to see where you are from where you were. And it's fun too 🙂

V-News edition 2 Why Valentus

why join valentus overview

and now, today, there's even bigger and better why valentus reasons!

Today, we have an even more improved Slimroast Optimum, we have Prevail Emulin, we have Prevail MAX and the amazing mineral packed M.O.R.E. Detox product, and the incredible Ageless and Instant Youth skin care ... and even more! AND ... the most well known and accomplished product formulators Kevin Thomas (Slimroast) and Joe Ahrens (Emulin) have partnered to bring Valentus a double whammy for future products. They are locked in. It just doesn't get any better.

V-News edition 2 Why Valentus

Valentus Testimonials

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V-News edition 2 Why Valentus

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