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Valentus Sales Are Exploding – V-News Edition #5

Published January 30, 2020 in Valentus Company - 1 Comment
valentus sales from coffee are exploding

V-News edition 5 | Valentus Sales |

Hello Friends!

These are exciting times. Valentus sales are exploding. This is what's happening  right now.

What are you doing for the rest of your life? Maybe start now on your retirement plan eh? 

With Valentus sales at an all-time high ... timing is perfect!

valentus sales and opportunity overview
V-News edition 5 | Valentus Sales |​
Here's an action packed, exciting, end-of-year company  update call from Valentus CEO Dave Jordan
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valentus sales from emulin

Prevail Emulin, the new product by Valentus that was discovered by Dr. Joe Ahrens is an amazing product. It manages carbs, sugar, and inflammation. But what about Emulin and the heart?

We know this is a subject of interest for many people. The cardiovascular system including blood flow and kidney function is above all an area that we all need to pay attention to. It’s hard not to notice the statistics regarding heart attacks, especially for Americans.

emulin and the heart

A great little video

Announcing SlimRoast Optimum by Valentus | Best Weight Loss Coffee In The World

Valentus has a great lineup of products but their Slimroast is one of my favs! The Slimroast coffee product gives me a clean calm mental focus and an awareness burst from each serving. A lot of consumers are losing weight from it. That's why it's driving record sales. The future looks promising for all those involved.

V-News edition 5 | Valentus Sales |

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V-News edition 5 | Valentus Sales |

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