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Take The Valentus Home Office Tour | Meet Dave Jordan | V-News Edition #4

Published January 19, 2020 in Valentus Company - 2 Comments
One cup of coffee for the valentus home office

Tour The Valentus  Home Office With Dori and Tracey ONeill and  Director of Marketing Chris Hupke 

We are pretty darn proud of this company and the way they run and manage their business and the way that they treat their distributors. To us it's a real class act. We are basing these opinions on years of experience in the industry.

Would you like to get a tour of the Valentus home office in Souix Falls, SD?

Yea? OK cool. Here you go ... enjoy

Meet CEO Dave Jordan And Tour His Personal Home Office

And how about the man who's made it all happen, CEO and Founder Dave Jordan. Would you like to meet him as well? This little meet and greet with Dave should give you a little more insight to the man running Valentus. So enjoy this tour of Dave Jordan's office at the home headquarters.

V-News edition 4 | Valentus Home Office |

Valentus Continues To Deliver The Goods

Our company just continues to deliver and deliver and deliver. Over, and over, and over again!

Now they are re-branding their social media presence and I mean to tell you it's absolutely gorgeous.​

I've been in this industry a long time now ... about 20 years full time. And I must say I'm seeing some stuff here that has me excited about my future with this company.

We have some amazing things on the way. You'll be seeing some very cool announcements and content from me moving forward.



You are building a business and sharing Valentus and their amazing products with others. Eventually you will run into someone who is interested in building an international market. So you will want to know if Valentus does it the right way.

You're with the right team with the right company.

Listen to this audio in full, then tuck it away in a nice safe place, so you can grab it when that day comes. Now you won't have to try to explain it yourself ... let our company Director of International Development do it for you.

Terri Recknor Teaches Valentus Global Practices

This is a great conversation. Terri Recknor gives tips on building an international organization, and on the process of opening new countries.

V-News edition 4 | Valentus Home Office |

valentus home office facbook page

team banner for Valentus home office

Are ingestible supplements — which the FDA technically classifies as food — beauty’s next big boom? Zion Market Research reports that, worldwide, dietary supplements are a $133 billion market, projected to reach $220.3 billion by 2022. In its 2016 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, the Washington, D.C.-based Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) found that nearly one fifth of supplement users in the United States take them for skin, hair and nail benefits. 

V-News edition 4 | Valentus Home Office |

A great little video that gives a crash course in record time of Valentus Slim Roast Coffee ... and its benefits.

 So many of us love our coffee but does our regular brew help us with weight management and keep us healthy? Probably not. But SlimRoast Coffee by Valentus does.

Some say it's the healthiest coffee ever. Maybe so, or maybe not, but the SlimRoast Coffee by Valentus is made with healthy high-quality ingredients.

Designed to balance your body and manage your weight. Most coffee ingredients are exposed to chemicals and pesticides. They cause the opposite effect as our bodies have to produce fat cells to fight those toxins off.

SlimRoast Coffee by Valentus comes from some of the finest and freshest coffee beans in the world. It's also packed with immune enhancing and cardiovascular strengthening ingredients ... and supports the digestive tract too!

V-News edition 4 | Valentus Home Office |

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We believe that hard work, dedication, and a team with the same core values, will get you to your goals faster

Team Valentus United


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