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New Valentus Products & New Markets With More Coming!

Published March 7, 2021 in Valentus Products - 0 Comments
new valentus products

WOW ... amazing!

The new Valentus products are a BOOMING SUCCESS. Not sure of any other way to say it.

Exciting Times!

And that's not all. There are more exciting announcements coming. This is just the beginning! Stay plugged in. We will keep shaking up the internet. 🙂

Announcements coming 🙂

If you are not engaged ... then pay attention! It's difficult in this industry ... very difficult ... to find an opportunity where the stars are aligning like they are with this company right now.

The product stories are smoking! Some are hard to imagine but they are true nonetheless.

Watch the video and hear 24/7 creator Joe Ahrens tell all about his new Valentus product

Another new Valentus product is the NEW SlimRoast Optimum Cocoa. It now has the identical formula as the coffee. That same goodness that is creating all those incredible testimonials you've been seeing in the newsletters.

Q & A interview with Valentus CEO Dave Jordan and Slimroast Optimum creator Kevin Thomas

An Entrepreneur's Dream Come True

People love having their own business. And they love the benefits a company like Valentus can bring. Network marketing can help people across the world make money sharing life-changing products with people they care about. We share the products we like anyway but in a company like this we get paid for it.

I chose Valentus for simple reasons. The products. They taste good, they're convenient, and they work. And they are affordable. 

With new products in preparation as we speak.

But mostly, I picked Valentus because of SlimROAST coffee. A lot of people don't live without coffee. Coffee will always be here. The coffee industry will always be booming. I realize that partnering coffee wand weight-loss was absolutely genius. 

Having a coffee business I always thought would be cool. To me it makes sense. And since exercise and diet are not necessary for losing weight with SlimROAST, I figured it would be a hit.

Here are some of the factors I considered when deciding to share new Valentus products with others.

Solid Industry

Coffee is not going away. It's global and it's the go-to morning drink for people ogf all walks making it the best product to offer for weight loss.

Consumable Goods

Coffee is a commodity that has powerful appeal. Coffee reigns as one of the most actively traded product in the world, only behind petroleum. It's also the biggest food import of the USA.

100% All-Natural

Containing the highest quality all-natural ingredients makes selecting our coffee an easy choice. Includes first-rate non-gmo beans ensuring top results. Choose the flavor right for you.

Market Demand

Coffee connoisseurs often opt for on-the-go coffee. People are busy. They like convenience. Prevail products packaging will please those people.  They've made it easy for those in all situation, either at work, at home, or at play.  Just add water.

No Hassle

Traditional weight-loss programs that require drastic lifestyle changes bother some people. They want easy.  So we give them easy and hassle free without compromising effective and danger-free weight loss.

Coffee That Give Results

SlimROAST is a coffee that provides quick, safe, and amazing benefits. In addition to weight loss people see balanced sugar, better moods, anti-aging appearances, pretty skin, and suppression of appetite. Dieting and exercise can help but is not required. Just enjoy a cup a day.


new valentus product testimonial
coffee story
coffee testimonial
coffee testimonial


new valentus product testimonial
new valentus products

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Why Valentus

... the most well known and accomplished product formulators Kevin Thomas (Slimroast) and Joe Ahrens (Emulin) have partnered to bring Valentus a double whammy for future products. They locked in. It just doesn't get any better.

prevail max video post

Dr. Shawn breaks it down in a way that anyone can understand. You will see exactly how the Prevail Max product works at a cellular level involving the red blood cells. 

Formulated with the purest natural ingredients from some of the most pristine locations on the planet, we pride ourselves on creating products that get results and good for the body. 

We believe that hard work, dedication, and a team with the same core values, will get you to your goals faster

Team Valentus United

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